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One Way Journey

About Us

Hello and welcome to One Way Journey, our passion and mission are to support and guide you towards improving your health and wellbeing using a holistic approach, encompassing, the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We do this by supporting you as you challenge your current lifestyle and take actionable steps towards improving your health, happiness, and overall quality of life. 

Lifestyle: the way in which one lives their life.

Lifestyle encompasses your Mind health, Spirit Health, and Body Health. 

Travel: to go from one place to another, often to a place that is far away 

We believe that travel enhances the three core pillars of self and offers improved wellbeing and heightened awareness. 

Whilst we understand that the pursuit of happiness and good health can seem elusive, we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to thrive.

Why Join Us?

One brick has a purpose but many bricks can create something truly wonderful. Alone one brick is unable to reach its full potential, but many bricks become the support each brick needs in order to live its best and most fulfilled existence. 

That is how we feel about humans and communities. Alone we are wonderful and unique, but together, we are strong and inspiring. In addition to being part of an uplifting and creative masterpiece, you will also have access to resources, wellbeing toolkits, coaching, mentoring, and online courses. 

What we believe in...

Mind Health - Taking full control of your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Spirit Health - Your spiritual health encompasses your values, relationships, and the true meaning and purpose of your life.

Body Health - Without good physical health, your time spent here will be more challenging and for many, short-lived.

We Believe that our lifestyle choices, the way we chose to think, and the power of travel, can a profound effect on the state of our inner peace and happiness. Our mission is to help facilitate others to live more fulfilled and purpose-driven lives. 

We want you to feel happy and healthy because, at the very core of our existence, our shared success is what motivates us and brings collective joy and inner peace. 

The world is big but by moving we make it smaller. People are far away, but reaching out brings them closer. The oceans may sperate us, but we can ride waves. Opportunities are infinite, but we can choose.  

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